Peel Concept

Each doctor must first make a rigorous selection of the most suitable peeling for the skin of his patients and their needs.

To be able to do this, it is necessary to have at your disposal a wide line of peels, well-formulated and with perfect reproducibility between each batch.

Peels that require
final neutralization.

pH 3.5

Oily and seborrheic skin.
Mild to moderate acne.

pH 1.1

Mild hyperpigmentation.
Chronic and mild photoaging.
Mild acne.

pH 0.8

Moderate hyperpigmentation.
Chronic and moderate photoaging.
Moderate acne.

pH 0.6

Chronic and severe photoaging.
Actinic keratosis .
Nail rejuvenation

pH 1.0

Hiperpigmentación y melasma.
Crono y fotoenvejecimiento.
Puede utilizarse en personas con fototipo de piel >IV.

pH 0.6

Hiperpigmentación y melasma moderado.
Crono y fotoenvejecimiento moderado.
Cicatrices superficiales.

pH 2.5

Melasma moderado.

pH 2.5

Acné moderado.
Dermatitis seborreica.

pH 0.1

Queratosis actínica de leve a moderada.
Acné moderado.
Crono y fotoenvejecimiento moderado

Neutralizer Change Color

It allows verifying the correct neutralization of the acid of a peel in real-time by means of a color change.

Peels that do not require final neutralization.

pH 1.4

Mild to moderate hyperpigmentation.
Chronic and moderate photoaging.
Mild to moderate acne.
Moderate actinic keratosis.

pH 1.2

Acné moderado.
Hyperpigmentation and moderate melasma.
Chronic and moderate photoaging.

pH 0.2

Chronic and photoaging.
Actinic keratosis.
Superficial atrophic scars.


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